Smart Homes with Future Appliances

AppliancesHome appliances are the soul of each household. They feed, clean and keep us healthy. This is the main reason why they should be kept in perfect condition with excellent and regular appliance services but it is also the reason why the industry is so highly developed.

Manufacturers are aiming at producing appliances, which would save energy and provide greater comfort and easiness. Design is not all about style but combining modern aesthetics with fresh ideas that will benefit consumers. French-door fridges, for example, were invented so that we can open only part of the refrigerator saving energy and that’s only the beginning.

The significance of smart appliances

Until recently homes didn’t have the infrastructure to support new technologies and smart appliances were put on hold. These days, we are at the very center of the internet age and the future seems to be even brighter. We made the big step onwards with smartphones and wireless connectivity and the word is that different electronic devices from computers to watches will work as remote controls for our house. Today, smart refrigerators and ovens are possible.

One may ask: what’s the big deal with smart appliances and what’s wrong with current ones? Well, the main characteristic of new appliances is that they are green and, thus, they can save energy. They are not ecofriendly just in terms of their materials but they also consume less energy and require less water in order to function. Consider that some new washing machines would only need one cup of water, a bit of detergent, less time to complete the cycle and the clothes will come out almost dry. Will this be the end of your top load dryer? That remains to be seen! The future has plenty of surprises with fridges without doors, dishwashers that would only need 6 minutes to wash the dishes and portable microwaves, which will heat food or liquids powered by sugar crystal battery.

It’s not only about controlling appliances remotely via a tablet but mostly about protecting the environment and saving a considerable amount from home energy consumption. Appliances will know when the food is ready on their own, keep track on the quality of food and expiration dates, make a list of things needed and pass it straight to your smartphone. Some would even troubleshoot themselves. Does that mean that you won’t need appliance repairs any longer? That is probably unlikely since they will just be machines, which would need frequent maintenance just as we do today according to the experts of FC Appliances. They will just be more sophisticated and keep some money in our pockets, too, and that’s certainly good news!

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