How to Make Sure Your Fridge Will Last

fridge repairWhen did you buy your refrigerator? Is it still in good condition? People invest in good fridges for obvious reasons. They need the best appliance possible for food preservation but nobody wants a fridge that will consume too much energy. Most definitely, having an energy friendly appliance and keeping the door closed are two excellent ways for ensuring utility costs remain in the lowest possible levels. Though, this is not enough.

Refrigerators do consume more energy when they don’t work properly. Take a small problem like gasket damage, for example. The tiny gap in the gasket will compromise the cooling capacity of the appliance. With similar problems the mechanism of the fridge will consume double energy in its effort to keep food well-preserved. Consequently, the energy bills will go up and you will still have fridge problems.

Such issues won’t only hurt your pocket but also your stomach. The main purpose of your beautiful side-by-side refrigerators is to freeze food and keep it from spoiling. If it fails to do that properly, food will be spoiled fast and it will end up in the trash along with your money spent for it, the appliance and appliance repairs. Small problems are solved faster and don’t cost you much in terms of money or health issues. The secret is to take care of them as soon as possible. The smartest thing to do is to check the fridge often and maintain it regularly.

Tips to keep the fridge for long

Who doesn’t want his refrigerator to last for long? After all, we pay a great deal of money for them, especially large families that are required to have big ones. Though, we don’t want to keep them on the expense of our pocket and health. Surely, keeping the fridge drawers and shelves clean and tidy is important for your health but also make sure to regulate the temperatures properly. It’s always good to keep the fridge full to avoid fluctuation of the temperatures but it’s also prudent to lower the temperatures when you haven’t gone to the groceries for a while and the shelves are practically empty.

If you want to protect your fridge, choose the perfect place for it in the kitchen. Sometimes, this is hard to do especially if the kitchen is small but try to keep the appliance away from heat and the sun. The most important thing for its prolonged life will be to take care of the coils. You must make sure they are free of dust and debris. It’s also important to ensure the door of the fridge closes well. Occasionally, clean the gaskets with water and detergent and make the test with paper money. Close the door on a bill and see if it remains put or if it is removed easily without opening the door. In either of these cases, the gasket does not seal well and must be replaced. Of course, the refrigerator water filters must be checked and replaced periodically and FC Appliances are always at your service. Lastly, make sure the door closes well by adjusting its feet.

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