Basic Home Appliance Inspections Step by Step

Helpful tipsHome appliances are important, practical, useful and needed by all families but they can also upset our routine with tiny problems, which may seem trivial at first but they can grow roots for more complex issues. For this reason, it’s important to inspect periodically the basic appliances to prevent problems with their mechanisms, flooded floors, spoiled food or accidents.

Frayed wires and extreme accumulation of lint in dryer ducts could be signals for fire hazard. A worn gasket around the oven will just cause higher consumption of energy but worn gaskets in refrigerators would also mean quick spoilage of food and potential food poisoning of your family. Inspecting and taking care of the house appliances is not hard. It will only consume a few minutes of your time but you will have the time to schedule appliance repair services with FC Appliances and avoid significant problems.

Basic home appliance maintenance tips

  • Checking the condition of your French-door fridges is easy because you open and close it a million times a day. This way, you can see whether the sealing is worn leaving small gaps, which will allow air leaks that will consume more energy and spoil your food prematurely. It is also important to check the condenser coil and keep the surrounding area clean.
  • When you inspect refrigerators, washing machines and dryers is also important to clean them well. If the gasket of the fridge is dirty, it would have consequences to the maintenance of cool air inside; the ducts, filters, hoses and detergent dispenser drawer of washing machines ought to be clean in order for you to have clean clothes and healthy appliances.
  • The dishwasher is a basic kitchen appliance because it saves us time and water consumption. You need to check the condition of the hose systematically and have your mind in small water leaks. Make sure the dishes are washed properly and try to notice any problems with the water supply to avoid burning its mechanism. The best thing about new appliances is that a dishwasher won’t start without sufficient amount of water.
  • Inspecting well the condition of your top load dryer is equally important with the examination of fridges. In this case, the overload of lint accumulation will create significant problems since there will be no space for air flow and there will be a high risk of fire. So, you won’t only need to check but clean the lint filter every time you use the appliance.

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