Make Your Home Appliances Green

Green AppliancesIt’s not a mere coincidence that new home appliances are of high energy efficiency. The latest studies have shown that the whole world united generates over 50 tonnes of electrical waste annually. This is an actual threat to the planet, which is already over warmed and we notice daily the rapid catastrophic changes in our world. Consumers started demanding solutions and manufacturers started coming up with answers and products, which are rated as first class energy efficient and, thus, require less energy for their operation.

On top of the massive numbers of electric waste come the millions of home appliances, which are tossed away every year creating a really dangerous mix of metallic materials, which can contaminate the earth and waters. Of course, the truth is that finding appliances 100% made of recycled materials is nearly impossible but the least we can do is get new A++ energy rated appliances and never underestimate the value of home appliance repair.

The importance of appliance repair service

It’s not hard to connect the little dots in order to understand the great contribution of appliance repairs to their ecofriendly behavior. When they are maintained properly, they will work efficiently. They won’t be air leaks and energy loss from worn gaskets around the oven or refrigerators. They won’t be any waste of water from damaged washing machine hoses or a dishwasher leaking. Of course, it’s also good to unplug the appliances when they are not in operation, clean the lint ducts of dryers in order to let the appliance breathe and work without making great efforts because in this case it will consume more energy.

Get A++ home appliances

EnergyApart from their energy efficiency, new appliances are smart. They have short programs and many options. So, if you just have a small load of clothes to wash, the washing machine will weigh the laundry in order to use the right amount of water and the right program. Some appliances work with the bubble technology which can actually wash the clothes with cold water but forty times faster with the use of air. The technology of fridges has changed enormously, too. Nowadays, they actually consume about thirty percent less energy than a few decades ago. The truth is that the road is still long ahead of us but the news from the industry is encouraging. In a few years, we may have the pleasure of finding a plethora of full green appliances but until then we can turn them as green as it is possible with good choices and regular maintenance with the assistance of FC Appliances.

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