Why Dryer Service is Important

Dryer ServiceClothes dryers are practical and useful and that’s why are found in most homes while they are necessary equipment to any dry cleaner business or hotels. They come up in different types and styles but, in any case, dryer service is significant for the avoidance of serious problems. Despite of their many advantages, they are the number one source for fires. In fact, over 10,000 home fires were caused by dryers in Canada last year and these incidents resulted to multiple deaths, hundreds of injuries and considerable amounts of money for property restoration.

Dryers are very convenient but when you are considering appliance services, you must put them first in your list. In fact, you must be very careful when you use them and very thorough with lint cleaning afterwards. In fact, the specialists at FC Appliances would recommend avoiding placing clothes, which have come in contact with chemicals or oils and never machine dry goods made of rubber. Though, the most important thing is to have great knowledge of how to maintain the dryer properly and how to detect serious problems.

How to keep the top load dryer safe

Regardless of the type of dryer, clothes would leave lint in the vents. If lint is not cleaned properly, it would build up and block the natural flow of hot air. Dryers work with high temperatures in order to evaporate moisture from the clothes and air must find its way out though ducts. When these vent ducts are filled with lint, the consequences will be terrible.

  • Hot air would be trapped
  • The appliance would be overheated
  • Its efficiency would decrease
  • It would waste energy
  • Blockage of the ducts might burn the motor
  • The dryer may explode or start a fire

You need to clean the lint every time a cycle is over but you must regularly remove lint from the vents, hoses, ducts and filters, too. You can do it with dryer vent cleaning brushes but never forget to unplug the appliance.

How to detect problems with the dryer

The signs are usually obvious since lack of dryer appliance service would decrease tremendously its efficiency. Take the right precautions with immediate cleaning of the dryer vents when you detect the following symptoms.

  1. The clothes come out damp
  2. The dryer or front load washer and dryer appliance takes too long to dry the clothes
  3. The clothes have a bad odor and are much hotter than usual
  4. The laundry room is humid or smells like something is burning

Dryer appliance repair services are important for homes but equally significant to businesses, where they are used even more often. Good services will actually save you a lot of money and trouble with the clients and they can make a considerable difference to the protection of the environment since you will be saving a lot of energy.

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