Common Problems from Lack of Appliance Maintenance

Dishwashers floodThere is nothing more important than keeping home appliances working at their peak efficiency. It is your guarantee for perfectly safe and healthy homes. Appliances may have untied our hands making everyday housework a piece of cake but don’t forget that they work with electrical power and most of them are receiving gallons of water when they are in operation. A few drips here, one tiny spark there and problems have already entered our homes.

Do you need a reason for appliance maintenance?

Appliance MaintenanceThere are actually many reasons why appliances repair is of the utmost important. Do you remember why you bought them at the first place? It’s not only because they save us time. We bought them because they clean better and sanitize our clothes and dishes, allow us to consume less energy and water and make sure we eat healthy foods. Hence, it’s all about our health and cleanliness! When we maintain them often, we throw problems out of the door, prolong their life span and ensure our families are presentable and healthy.

  • Don’t set your house on fire. Dryers are responsible for thousands of fires every year. It doesn’t happen easily but accumulated lint in combination with high temperatures could light a spark. Lint should be removed every time a cycle is completed. That’s the main purpose of dryer service. You would need to empty the lint trap and keep the vents clean. Otherwise, the results will be disappointing. The clothes will smell bad, they will come out damp and there is danger to burn the motor, which in extreme occasions may be set on fire.
  • Prevent a flood. The hoses of washing machines and dishwashers should be checked often and replaced every three or four years even if they are not damaged. Don’t forget that hardness of water would create a film of debris, pipes and hoses would be clogged with scale. You may ignore water dripping from the hose but tomorrow you may find the kitchen or laundry room floor flooded.
  • Keep your family healthy. If you don’t replace the water hoses regularly and do not clean the vents and appliances well, debris and perhaps mold would be collected. FC Appliance Repair suggests: the dispenser of washing machines must be washed thoroughly and you can use a toothpick to remove debris from the spinning arms of dishwashers. Stove and oven service and good cleaning would also be important. Refrigerators must be washed with bleach. The gaskets of the door should be cleaned with vinegar. They are all related to your health.
  • Keep your wallet full. Energy loss is a direct consequence of neglecting to clean the condenser coil of the fridge or lack of dryer and dishwasher maintenance. Appliances would need more time to complete cycles and you will end up paying more for electricity without having the expected results either.

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