Common Dishwasher Issues and Solutions

Dishwashers problemsWho doesn’t have a dishwasher at home and who never had problems? From overflowing dishwashers to strange noises and poor draining, all problems give people a headache. Some problems have solutions based on common sense. For example, don’t look surprised if foam is overflowing from the dishwasher when you wash them with hand liquid soap before you put them in the appliance! More serious problems would need the expertise of FC Appliance Repair.

Some draining problems, for example, would need professional dishwasher repair. The good thing is that many dishwasher issues have solutions and you don’t have to replace the appliance every time something is wrong. So, what can be wrong?

Small tricks and solutions to dishwasher problems

How often didn’t you see water on the kitchen floor? Don’t let a dishwasher leaking lead you to despair! It’s probably the hose. After years of use and due to hose wear and the force of water, hoses get damaged at their end parts. They won’t attach well on the tap or they are torn. In either case, you have to replace them. Hose problems might also keep the appliance from draining well. If you don’t remove food residue from the plates, some might end up within the hose and clog it. In this case, you can remove it and replace it. Kitchen sink clog problems will create issues with the dishwasher, too. In this case, you will definitely need the assistance of our business in Toronto, Ontario.

If you notice that the dishes don’t come out very clean, change the detergent and make sure you use high quality products. You might also want to try to avoid overloading the appliance. When there are too many dishes in the appliance, they won’t get cleaned well. They will also obstruct the good circulation of water and you will notice detergent residues on the dishes since the detergent chamber would be blocked by large dishes. If you are not happy with the way the dishwasher works and you often find marks on glasses and plates, check the water hardness of your area. The professionals of our company could help you adjust the machine accordingly and give you tips. Also remember that the filters must be cleaned regularly or you will eventually sense bad odors. In any case, make sure the dishes are rinsed before going to the appliance. This way, the filters will be kept cleaned for longer, the hoses won’t be clogged and you won’t need appliance repair very often.

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