Common Dishwasher Issues and Solutions

Dishwashers problemsWho doesn’t have a dishwasher at home and who never had problems? From overflowing dishwashers to strange noises and poor draining, all problems give people a headache. Some problems have solutions based on common sense. For example, don’t look surprised if foam is overflowing from the dishwasher when you wash them with hand liquid soap before you put them in the appliance! More serious problems would need the expertise of FC Appliance Repair.

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Why Dryers Become Dangerous

DryersDryers look innocent but they can be the most dangerous appliances in the house. All it takes is improper installation or clogged vents to ignite fire. Dryers are actually the main cause of thousands of house fires every year and apart from costing a lot in terms of property damage, they can also take lives.

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How to Make Sure Your Fridge Will Last

fridge repairWhen did you buy your refrigerator? Is it still in good condition? People invest in good fridges for obvious reasons. They need the best appliance possible for food preservation but nobody wants a fridge that will consume too much energy. Most definitely, having an energy friendly appliance and keeping the door closed are two excellent ways for ensuring utility costs remain in the lowest possible levels. Though, this is not enough.

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Why Appliances are Important


home appliancesIf someone would suggest removing some appliances from our homes, we wouldn’t know which ones to choose. We just can’t live without them because they are parts of our lives and you can understand that better if you think about your everyday activities in the house on a day-to-day basis.

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The Value of Commercial Appliances

Kitchen AppliancesAppliances are necessary equipment for many businesses including hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, dry cleaners, grocery and convenient stores. In fact, the absence of some commercial appliances would signify the failure of many companies or stores to operate properly.

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Make Your Home Appliances Green

Green AppliancesIt’s not a mere coincidence that new home appliances are of high energy efficiency. The latest studies have shown that the whole world united generates over 50 tonnes of electrical waste annually. This is an actual threat to the planet, which is already over warmed and we notice daily the rapid catastrophic changes in our world. Consumers started demanding solutions and manufacturers started coming up with answers and products, which are rated as first class energy efficient and, thus, require less energy for their operation.

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Basic Home Appliance Inspections Step by Step

Helpful tipsHome appliances are important, practical, useful and needed by all families but they can also upset our routine with tiny problems, which may seem trivial at first but they can grow roots for more complex issues. For this reason, it’s important to inspect periodically the basic appliances to prevent problems with their mechanisms, flooded floors, spoiled food or accidents.

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Why Dryer Service is Important

Dryer ServiceClothes dryers are practical and useful and that’s why are found in most homes while they are necessary equipment to any dry cleaner business or hotels. They come up in different types and styles but, in any case, dryer service is significant for the avoidance of serious problems. Despite of their many advantages, they are the number one source for fires. In fact, over 10,000 home fires were caused by dryers in Canada last year and these incidents resulted to multiple deaths, hundreds of injuries and considerable amounts of money for property restoration.

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Smart Homes with Future Appliances

AppliancesHome appliances are the soul of each household. They feed, clean and keep us healthy. This is the main reason why they should be kept in perfect condition with excellent and regular appliance services but it is also the reason why the industry is so highly developed.

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